Full Version: Today marks 154 years since the outbreak of the January Uprising
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Powstanie Styczniowe : Today marks 154 years since the outbreak of the January Uprising
Today marks 154 years since the outbreak of the January uprising 851 MAD January 26 22 from 14:26, 2017 Artur Grottger, & Quot battle (Cycle Polish) Wikimedia Commons January 22, 1863 erupted in the Kingdom of Poland's largest Polish Polish uprising, in which a total of approximately 200,000 insurgents opposed the Russian Empire. The memory of the January uprising was nevertheless firm foundation of the national consciousness of the Poles for many decades. "Naughty government rozwścieklony predatory resistance tired to sacrifice, he decided to ask for a signature of blow - sequester tens of thousands of the bravest, most jealous of his defender and oacute ., camping against Moscow hat uniform and Run a thousand miles to the eternal misery and destruction of Poland does not want, can not give up bezopornie sromotnemu rape under penalty of misfortune before posterity must meet op light step and hordes of brave, young young people Dedicated, animated by the love of country, unshakable faith in justice and the help of God, promised to get rid of the damn yoke or die behind it, so that the Polish nation of! She after a terrible shame of the Slavery, the incomprehensible agony button, the National Central Committee is currently the only legal government Tw and National calls on the battlefield, finally, in the field of glory and victory, KT that you can , And the name of God in Heaven give the oath, because he knows that, KT & oacute Rice yesterday was penitent and avenger, tomorrow must be and will be a hero and giant "- these words begins mainifest of the Central Committee of the National calling directly to the beginning of the uprising against the Russian invaders. Against the invaders confronted along roughly 200,000 insurgency and insurgency.In spite of the initial victories of the insurgent forces, with rush-time scales alongside Russia, and insurgents, often in small branches And broken, which have fought long guerrilla warfare. In practice, the uprising extended until the autumn of 1864. However, in the spring of this year the situation looked bad - esp and oacute