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نور : Students query results identity number link without registering students Noor system certificates of the Ministry of Education site
Home News Saudi results students query link identity number and no registration Noor students site system certificates of the Ministry of Education 14 hours ago Noor Mohammad News 1 Saudi Arabia has assigned the Ministry of Education liaison of The student certificates Noor query-unique system identification number, or students query link results identity number without registration of all grades, so the next results of the civil registration query in 1438, for students High school and elementary public, and you will be able to certified students viewed unique identification number without registration by the Ministry of Education site link. We have seen the last few hours the beginning of the students reception the results of the intermediate stage and announced that many schools provide the results of the first half of the central light system location for student identity and civil registration number , Or by entering the Noor parent student site account, otherwise we will attach certified students to query unique identity number without registration. The Ministry of Education certified students inquiry link identification number without registration Noralamouka system that Snrvgah that students will allow the initial entry guardians to see the student scores through certificates of identity number students only query without The need for registration, witnessing the Ministry of Education web consultation results in a state of very high pressure, in these times. Many students inquiries to the Ministry of Education and departments of school districts, due to lack of Reach their results in the first semester, we want to draw your attention to the fact that all results are still being received and stored by the light of the new location of the system, there are some schools and districts