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Savers angry over the Fingerprint: "Tired of all the crap" - chrisy - 01-27-2017

Fingerprint Cards : Savers angry over the Fingerprint: "Tired of all the crap"
Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / TT Desperate times require desperate measures. About reasons for saving economist Claes Hemberg when asked for transparency by the fingerprint Cards then great owner Johan Carlström and board member Lars Söderfjell detained. The company should hold a press conference and explain the facts about the involvement of small investors, he says. - The company can still survive and feel good even though the big owners made the ridiculous. The only hope is that the new management and the CEO can take over the company, he says. Tens of thousands of people have bought the Fingerprint Cards fee through the Internet-based bank Avanza. And the number of shareholders increases. Since fingerprint cards issued a profit warning in December 2016, and then triggered an aktieras, the company has attracted 6 000 new owners. Among those who trade through the Avanza is a predominantly made up to now heavy losses in the fingerprint Cards says Claes Hemberg. Advertising X - There are maybe 1 000 or 2 000 Swedes who got very good fingerprints action trip. However, the rest of the group, those who bought after September 2015 is negative. And it is approximately 75 percent of the shareholders. On Twitter and other social networks are the downcast tone. Several users in their presentations are described as investors print their frustration. "Sold 50% center #fing holds up now. Tired of all the junk, have a 30% loss until further notice. #fpc ", writes a user. "Never a moment of tranquility in #fing. Eh I sigh tired you become," writes another. Those who bought shares of the company in the recent past are often young people who do not invest large sums, said Claes Hemberg. He believes that today's news that Lars Söderfjell and unemployed Johan Carlström will lead many to review their investments. - We will probably see the sales, as we saw after the earnings warning. They are sold in any kind of anger and disappointment. But expect the company to distance itself from the large owners and look forward to. - It is easy to confuse the people behind the company and their actions. Small investors need to hear the facts about stocks now. I think a press conference of the company in which they explain "this company feels today " had been appreciated. So big?